“Almost always, the creative minority has made the world better.” – Martin L. King Jr.

                 We are proud to announce the Midtown premiere of our award-winning shorts,“Welcome to the Friend Zone” & “Worth It”, at the legendary Plaza Theatre  in Atlanta, Georgia. We are currently accepting friendly donations for our final short-film of the Black Excellence Film Series “Demon Love”.

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“Our mission is to show that even against all the odds and even with smallest of budget you still hold yourself to the highest of standards and you bring the best quality possible to anything and everything you create.” 

Worth It

“Worth It” is a romantic comedy shot entirely in P.O.V camera style. A young man is going to meet his longtime friend and love of his life who he hopes to profess his love for her. But instead he is blindsided with a hurtful and emasculating proposal from her that will leave him with only one question to answer;  is it all “Worth it”.

Envision Reality vs expectations sequence in “500 Days of summer”.

Welcome to the Friend Zone

“Welcome to the Friend Zone”  is a romantic fantasy comedy set in a mysterious basement (man cave, social club, or support group) where men who have fallen in love with women who only see them as friends preside for the rest of their lives. Until they give up hope on their friendships with the women they love and move on with their lives, then and only then can they ever hope to escape the “Friend Zone”

Think “Matrix” meets “500 days of Summer“.

Demon Love

“Demon Love” is a romantic horror comedy where a beautiful but naïve young woman goes out to a bar to drink with her underage friends. She encounters a mysterious man who she at first rejects and later finds out that the man is a demon in disguise who preys on innocent women who are attracted to the darkness they don’t understand but lies dormant within them waiting to be pulled out.

Picture “Get Out” meets “Night of the Living Dead“.

Director & Producers

Christopher Allen Richardson

Writer/Director Christopher Allen Richardson is an award-winning writer & director who has been producing television, film and online content for over 15 years. He studied the trade at Academy of Art University where he received a B.A. in Film & Directing.

Toneah S. Dolo

Exec. Producer Toneah S. Dolo has been creating content in the arts & entertainment field for over 10 years. After graduating from New York Film Academy with a discipline in screenwriting, he ventured to California where he developed web series, short films, and digital marketer for several online brands.

How to Invest

We have several ways for anyone who wants to contribute to our film series to be a contributor or investor.

To Be an Investor Go Fund Me

As a Associate Producer

 You receive one photographed event only in Atlanta along with free tickets to the movie premier, wrap party and many more fun gifts from the cast & crew.

As a Producer

You can receive three events filmed or photographed along with free tickets to wrap party & premier along with several gifts and unlimited access to the cast and crew, plus many more free gifts & exclusive merchandise.

As a Executive Producer

You would qualify for personal business logo creation, 3 events filmed or photographed plus 1 full-scale creative project ( music video, website creation, social media marketing, a book published, script development). Unlimited tickets to the movie premiere and wrap party. Unlimited access to the film set, cast & crew, plus many more gifts & collectibles.

Previous Works

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